Updating eclipse ubuntu

wait for Eclipse installer to download and install all the packages.. to do that, run the commands below ) with your own account name…also, the Exec = location and should depend on where Eclipse got installed on your system.. You should then have a launcher for Eclipse JEE Oxygen…At this time, only Java JDK 8 is fully compatible..

Bonus anwser: With the same wizard you can also export the list of installed features into a file that you can share with colleagues, so you have all installed the same plugins.

I don't know about you, but my development environment is too important to risk upgrading.

Always create a new Eclipse directory and new Eclipse workspaces when you want to change your development environment.

Unzip Eclipse 4.2 to a new directory, and add your plug-ins one at a time.

You can use Bananeweizen's method to copy the Eclipse 3.7 plug-ins, or you can add them manually.

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