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It seems, for all his presumptions of grandeur and wit, originality has never been a strong point of this researcher who celebrated a silver jubilee in his career.

His series on “Indian astrology” (13 lectures) was stripped bare by the three bloggers, Umesh, Suraj Rajan and Calvin (Sreehari), and a 62 page long collection of articles on ‘Astrology and science’ was published as an e-book in Malayalam.

Perhaps, he found out through transcendental meditation. This would be a revolutionary discovery about the history of the human race.

This would push time of Neolithic age back by several thousands of years and therefore it would require a massive European conspiracy to cover it up. Gopalakrishnan’s mind that it happens to be the case.

The event was the inauguration of the yearly activities of Vivekananda Study Circle, an institute sponsored club whose mundane activities are intimated by none other than Dean of Students in his official capacity.

If one wonders why Indian science and technology did not progress the way it should have, one need not look far.

Among all attributes one need to have, we could safely say that integrity and commitment to truth and scientific method are bare minimum moral requirements.

C.” and deviously presenting “Aryan Invasion Theory” as the modern consensus version of ancient Indian history in the academic circle (as against the Aryan Migration Theory) should not miss one’s attention.whose ancestors migrated from Africa before 60,000 years and settled in India) or pastoral groups who migrated from Central Asia or elsewhere and settled in Indian peninsula in gradual waves in and around the B. Second millennium, the evidence of the later being more overwhelming than the former.With such abysmal standards of presentation and propaganda, one would wonder whether the event was the inauguration of a club in IIT Madras or a conference organized by the Rashtriya Swayam Sevaks.It is not hard to identify the embedded racism in his rants against non-vegetarians, ‘western culture’ and the Semitic religions.But much worse is the ‘nationalistic pride’ he attempts to inculcate among the audience for its aggression and emptiness.

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  1. If it would require more than one anachronism for you to disbelieve, how many such anachronisms would be needed for you to realize the writing was not what it claimed to be?

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