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If you don’t know how to gain confidence, stop examining yourself and let me point you in the right direction. So much happened that I could write you an entire book and I will, with my full passion:) including typos.

Sign up for my free email course below and let me teach you what I have done to be more confident to naturally attract women, and how you can too. Just click the yellow button now, and let me show you how to feel more confident around women from today on: Hello Mark, Your mail reached me at the perfect time as I met a woman online and everything went fine until we made no more progress (...) You showed me what I do wrong, and it worked perfect. (...) It is so great what do you and that you help men all over the world and get them a glimpse into how women work and what they can do to get the woman of their dreams with their own personality and without disguising themselves. It’s really cool to flirt with women when you know how it will end.

In this article I will reveal the true secret to becoming confident.

Truly speaking I have friends that get so tense and insecure when they see a beautiful woman, that they can’t do anything but freeze.

I also have friends that seem to have no respect at all when a beautiful woman is nearby.

It is especially the “normal” guys with a good education who have always been protected by their parents in their childhood, who are the ones that lack confidence as they mostly never got into much trouble and never had real problems to solve.On another hand if you have been raised by parents who took good care of you, and you always had someone looking after you, chances are that you are not as confident, as you never really felt what it’s like to be responsible for yourself. If you are not confident, start with accepting responsibility for your life and everything that comes along with it.Accept responsibility for small things, because then you will start being challenged.I have applied lots of your tips already and got a lot of success stories to tell, but to be honest after a while it gets boring when you know how it will end.The good news is that what you write works so well!

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On top of that, you will start to value yourself a lot more as gaining confidence goes hand in hand with building self-esteem.

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